Cortex 2.15.8

September 17, 2021

New Features

Ability to enable both username and email registration options

You now can enable both email and username registration to enable non-PII workflows while still allowing Site Users to register using email. Study participants can now register with a username, protecting their personally identifiable information (PII), while Site Users can still register using email.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Reporting configuration

The EDW Reporting solution enables Advanced Reports in Study Manager that incorporate information from Cortex's Mongo application database. You can enable this feature for an org by selecting an org configuration option that enables or disables Advanced Reports and that is accessible from the Medable base org. In addition, configuration options are added to all object definitions that specify whether related object instances should be included in advanced reporting and when applying a Cortex pipeline transformation to those instances.

Alibaba Cloud support

Cortex is now deployed to Alibaba Cloud, a mainland China cloud service provider, to serve patients and partners in China while complying with Chinese national data policies. To utilize Alibaba Cloud services, a number of Cortex system requests are now compatible with Alibaba Cloud service APIs. In addition, our deployment and resource tooling is adapted to be compatible with Alibaba Cloud services.

Maintenance mode system status notification

A client-facing notification message now indicates that an org is in maintenance mode.

Resolved Items

  • Updating c_keys bug

  • Environment performance degrades after performing several imports

  • Resources items ordering is not maintained during Study migration

  • Deferred reference properties not being imported

  • Axon deployment are failing

  • Import with large numbers of assets leave some of the assets in pending state - Regression issue

  • User cannot update information through a connection level role.

  • Enable or disable policies from the base org admin does not trigger a runtime rebuild

  • Routes that require logged in user does not return correct error message when request does not have a valid session.

  • @pipeline vars in null in a transform is not working as expected.

  • Four part locales are not correctly stored when those are saved.

  • scheduled jobs that are still queued will run again and dogpile.

  • Refresh of org configuration does not clear config keys

  • Asset import very slow

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