Create custom objects

Create a custom object

To create a custom Medable object:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.

  2. Select Settings > Objects to access the Objects screen.

  3. Click New Custom Object on the Custom Objects pane.

  4. On the Create Object screen, you can fill out:

    • Object Label: Enter the label for your object that will be displayed in the UI.

    • Object Name: Enter the API name for your object.

    • Connection Settings: See Connections for more details.

      • Allow Connections: Specify whether connections can be created for this object.

      • Require Connection Accept: Specify whether connections to this object require acceptance.

      • Send Connection Notifications: Specify whether to send notifications to targets when connections to this object are created.

    • Access Control Settings: See Access Control in the API documentation for more details.

      • Creatable By: Select users or roles that can create instances of this object.

      • Object Access: Select the access levels that users and roles have to instances of this object.

  5. Click Create Object. Your object will be created, and its details will be displayed.

Create a Prescription object

Here, we'll create a Prescription object. We'll set the object label to "Prescription" and the name to "prescription." Note that all custom objects and property names are automatically prefixed with c_ to help prevent collisions with standard objects and properties. So although we provide the name prescription, it will become c_prescription after saving.

The object's plural name

Now the Prescription object has been created. All of the details were provided while creating the object except for one detail: Plural Name. The plural name is generated automatically. Use the plural name when referencing your object via the API (for example, GET /c_prescriptions).

Now you're ready to add properties to the custom object.

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