Log object

_id ObjectId
Log object instance identifier
org ObjectId
Org identifier
req ObjectId
Request identifier
pid ObjectId
Principal Identifier - The principal is the authenticated entity that issued the request
oid ObjectId
Original Principal Identifier - The original principal is the authenticated entity that issued the first request. The "run as" argument of scripts could make the pid different from oid.
beg Date
Start date of this log instance
end Date
End date of this log instance
sts Number
HTTP status code (like 2xx, 3xx, 4xx)
src Number
logger: 0 api: 1 script: 2 request: 3 audit: 4 deployment: 5 export: 6
lvl Number
error: 0 warn: 1 info: 2 debug: 3 trace: 4
trc Document
Stack trace (file, line number, function)
err Document
Error details (error name, message, reason, faults, etc)
in Number
Total bytes in
out Number
Total bytes out
sid ObjectId
Script identifier
stp String
Script type (like "route", "trigger", etc)
ops Number
Number of operations used in the script
ctt Number
Total number of HTTP callouts used in the script
cms Number
Total milliseconds of HTTP callouts in the script
adr Number
Source IP address
mtd Number
Request method GET: 0 POST: 1 PUT: 2 DELETE: 3 HEAD: 4 OPTIONS: 5 PATCH: 6
url String
Request URL path
que Any
Request query params
rte String
API route
aid ObjectId
App ID
cid ObjectId
App client ID
ses String
Session ID
lid ObjectId
Location ID
dat Any
Any data passed in via the Logger
op Number
Operation Code set: 1 remove: 2 // remove a property value push: 3 pull: 4 delete: 5 // delete an instance auth: 6 // authentication event transfer: 7 // ownership transfer device: 8 // new device registered for account access: 9 // instance access granted/removed
ctx ObjectId
Context ID
obj String
Object Name
ads Number
Audit Source request: 1 script: 2 system: 3
acs Number
Natural Access
grt Number
Granted Access
pts String
Updated Paths
pis ObjectId
Updated Property Identifiers
dpl ObjectId
Deployment Identifier
"_id": "59433e6a8cb4760100c7216e",
"adr": 1187315762,
"aid": "5810f6e4cc761537539d3e2c",
"beg": "2017-06-16T02:11:54.702Z",
"cid": "5810f6e4cc761537539d3e2d",
"end": "2017-06-16T02:11:55.199Z",
"err": {
"faults": []
"in": 417,
"lvl": 2,
"mtd": 0,
"out": 525,
"pis": [],
"pts": [],
"que": {
"c_public_user": "593b2a2f9a8ca001000f0435",
"c_study": "58faa94410cc4501001fe779"
"req": "59433e6a81ae9d0100e9fca7",
"rte": "/routes/get_public_group*",
"src": 3,
"sts": 200,
"trc": [],
"url": "/routes/get_public_group"
url: "",
method: "GET",
dataType : "json",
xhrFields: {
withCredentials: true
headers: {
"Medable-Client-Key": "GsAqlhnIMzrDeD8V2MBQWq"
}).done(function(data) {
// ...
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