Property Type: document

A Document can act in two ways. When configured as an array, it is a collection of documents with shared properties. When not defined as an array, the document properties are implemented as children.

Documents whose definition is configured as an array have an _id property which can be used to retrieve, update or remove individual documents from the array. For example, the Organization roles are defined as a document array. Retrieving the _id of all org roles could be done as follows:

GET /orgs/5516ee1b34d8d934281699e3/roles?paths[]=_idJSON

    "_id": "5516ee1b34d8d934281699e3",
    "object": "org",
    "roles": [{
        "_id": "000000000000000000000004"
    }, {
        "_id": "000000000000000000000005"
    }, {
        "_id": "000000000000000000000007"

Notice the use of a relative path to the org roles identifiers in the query (paths[]=_id). Selection using paths, include and expand all work in this way.

An example of a non-array Document is the Account name property, having first and last child properties.

GET /accounts/meJSON

    "_id": "5516ee2634d8d93428169c0e",
    "object": "account",
    "name": {
        "first": "Jonas",
        "last": "Salk"

When ACLs and filters are applied at the document level, they affect access to all its children.


Some Document arrays contain a discriminator, such as Post and Comment bodies. Because these arrays carry documents with potentially varying properties, the name property is used as a discriminator. When creating a Post, for example, the discriminator must be included in the json body.

POST /c_vads/551f3515b8b206e835950b59/posts/c_heartrateJSON

        "body": [{
            "name": "c_datapoint",
            "c_value": 65

When updating a document array that has a discriminator, the _id of the segment is sufficient:

PUT /551f3a95b8b206e835950b6bJSON

      "body": [{
          "_id": "551f3aa2b8b206e835950b6d",
          "c_value": 67

Property Options





Property Definition Array

An array of property definitions. These can be properties of any type except Document.

Base property options not available:

  • uniqueValues

  • indexed

  • unique

  • auditable

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