Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

Medable Cortex supports Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), which inherits the reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure. As of April 10, 2018, Google has deprecated GCM. The GCM server and client APIs are deprecated and will be removed as soon as April 11, 2019. Medable will enable the following features to allow you to migrate to FCM.

Adding the Firebase FCM Server Key Field to the existing Admin UI

You can lookup the FCM token with the following call.Text

[{'firebase.token': 1}, {unique: true, partialFilterExpression: { 'firebase.token': { $exists: true } }, name: 'idxFCMToken'}

You can call route to allow refreshing of firebase token (the CURRENT location will be updated)Text

POST /locations/FCMToken/
{"token": "..."}

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