Cortex Renderer 1.2.1

New features

Support for egress proxy

The back-end servers now can access the load balancers installed in the Cortex clusters deployed within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Cloud Provider. Previously, communication was prevented between some Cortex services within the same cluster that impacted the core functionality of some web apps. To mitigate this issue, we deployed an egress proxy service to APAC Cloud that can successfully route intra-cluster communication. For issue details, view the first possible cause (No. 1) in this APAC Cloud Help Center – Server Load Balancer – FAQ documentation: Why am I unable to access an SLB instance?

Additional FTP secure connection options

The secure connection options on the table below are added to the addFtpTarget method. The default value of the secureContext rejectUnauthorized option is set to True.




A secure context object


Server name for the SNI (Server Name Indication) TLS extension

Resolved Items

  • Secure option are correctly supported.

  • Jobs are executed successfully for Chinese domains.

  • FTP jobs no longer fail if template does not contain logical components.

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