In this Cortex reference, you'll find information and examples on transacting with the Cortex API; creating custom objects and properties; working with standard objects such as Accounts, Connections, and Notifications; searching and aggregating your data; and creating custom scripts.
proxy service
Deploys versioning across Medable Web Applications using haproxy instance
cortex screenshot
A service which communicates with a third-party mobile phone farm to run unit tests that capture screen shots of Medable applications
Web sockets
Cortex APIs load balancer service which routes traffic into available Kubernetes instances using the HAProxy
cortex renderer
Creates CSV, HTML, and PDF files and saves them in AWS S3 or sends them via SFTP to a client's computer
cortex api
The application programming interface that allows Medable applications to talk to Cortex
Makes a composition of the audio-visual Televisit recording of Televisits resulting in a single video (with audio) of the meeting
Converts Javascript es6 code to es5
Cortex's virus scanner
cortex beam
Replicates data from MongoDB into a Postgres database for reporting and analytics purposes
cortex mirror
Replicates data from MongoDB into another MongoDB located in a different regional cloud