Generate an API key

Create a new app to generate an API key

By now you've created an org and have successfully logged in as an administrator. Before you can begin making API requests, you will need to first generate an API key.

Note: For our examples in this guide, we are completing each step in a development environment.

To generate an API key, complete the following steps after logging in to your org:

  1. Select Settings > Apps on the left-hand menu.

  2. Click New App. The Create App screen is displayed.

  3. Enter a name for the new app in the Label field.

  4. (Optional) Check Sessions to create a session-based app.

  5. (Optional) Uncheck CSRF Protection. If this is checked, you will need to send the medable-csrf-token header with each authenticated request.

  6. Click Create App. The API key appears in the API Key column.

Tip: CSRF protection is not necessary for this example, but we highly recommend enabling it for production web apps.

In our example, we created a new app called NewHealth App with the API key mwidxhb8ShcqmV1B9iOYJh.

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