Cortex API 2.15.8-1

November 4, 2021

A required hotfix for the Cortex API to support better organization performance in production environments is now available.


Below is a summary of the bug fixes in the hotfix, including impact and risk information. Note that this hotfix will be applied to all organizations in the production and development environments.

History processor stalling

  • Issue summary: An error might occur in the Cortex API during the creation of a consent template in eConsent if the maximum of 100 elements (which is the default value) is reached. Each edit made on the editing canvas creates a history record to track changes made to the template.

  • Resolution: The hotfix for this issue enables eConsent Template Designer to function without error when you edit in the canvas during a single editing session.

  • Impact: This issue currently affects studies that require manual updates to imported eConsent templates where the history of changes reaches 100 during a single session.

  • Workaround: Limit changes during the session to avoid reaching the 100 maximum operations limit.

  • Risk: No risk of data loss occurs for capturing consent. This issue only affects the ability to edit an eConsent template during a single session.

Org refresher not reaping

  • Issue summary: The reaping process for an org refresh stops if no root account is found for ephemeral orgs.

  • Resolution: Update the reaper process to detect this condition and then continue reaping.

  • Impact: Customer study orgs are not affected by this issue. This issue is related only to ephemeral orgs, which are virtual orgs used in non-production environments.

  • Risk: No risk of data loss occurs, because this issue does not directly affect production environments.

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