Cortex API 2.18.0

September 29, 2022

New features

Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus and Grafana now are integrated into Cortex. Together, these two libraries provide performance and metric insight as well as the ability to create customized performance monitoring dashboards. When used in conjunction with Datadog, you can perform detailed performance monitoring and analysis locally as well as in live environments. The integration contains bindings into both the Cortex API system and Cortex Scripts executed in the Sandbox. It also provides support for Axon, CS customizations, and all other Cortex configuration sets. Another useful capability of these features is the ability to setup alerts based on system events and metric thresholds.

For more information about Prometheus and Grafana see the following URLs:

If you're interested in learning more or taking advantage of these tools, reach out to the Platform Core team.

MDCTL Org Provisioning Enhancements

You now can provision permanent and ephemeral orgs using the same MDCTL command, Cortex API route, and Cortex Script library. By default, the method provisions permanent orgs. If the ttl (time-to-live) parameter is specified, the org is ephemeral and then deleted after the time-to-live period has passed.

Twilio SMS Filter

An outgoing SMS filter is implemented to prevent sending Twilio SMS requests to known test and development phone numbers. This reduces the total number of paid SMS message requests sent to Twilio and improves our Twilio trust score.

ACL Performance Enhancements

Performance improvements were made to Cortex's ACL layer. By implementing caches for object definitions and inline roles in ACL, redundant data lookups during bulk operations are avoided and may increase performance by 2x or 3x depending on the use case.

Resolved items

  • Signed URLs now are readable for the duration of time specified by the Signed URL Expiry org config parameter.

  • If an error occurs in a writable output cursor (in other words, a script transform), the stream ends and an error is returned. Previously, no error was returned making it appear that the transform was successfully completed.

  • When you perform a GET command to retrieve an invalid org, a 404 not found error now displays. Previously, the command failed to respond and the API server terminated unexpectedly.

  • After mdctl env export, objects in export no longer are missing the locales property.

  • The following error message now displays when you edit a step response for the Axon Site Monitor role for a completed task: Property update access denied.

  • An error no longer occurs when a URL with ORG_CODE in uppercase letters is used to authenticate.

  • In Cortex Web, select Settings > Policies > Add Policy. If you select the Apply Rate Limits option when creating a policy, and click Create Policy, an error no longer occurs.

  • When a site user resets a participant's password, the new password is always considered temporary and the participant is asked to choose a new password.

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