Configure the org settings

Adjust your organization settings

One of the first things you'll want to do in your org is adjust the organization settings. These are settings that apply across your entire org, for all applications, users, etc. To adjust the Organization Settings, select Settings > Organization on the Cortex menu.

The Organization Options screen displays three tabs: Options, Appearance, and Maintenance Mode.


The available options under the Options tab are:

  • Organization Name: Enter the human-readable name of your org that can be used in templates. Typically this will be your company/organization name.

  • Enable Registration: Enable this to turn on the registration route (see Register an Account in the API documentation for more details). You would want to enable this if you intend to allow users to self-register in your apps.

  • Enable Provider Registration: Enable this to allow users to register with the Provider role.

  • Manual Provider Verification: Enable this to require provider accounts to be verified by an org administrator before they can collaborate with other users.

  • Invitations Required: Enable this to require users to provide an invitation token when registering. This is useful for invite-only, controlled releases of apps.

  • Activation Required: Enable this to require registered users to be manually activated before they can sign in. This is useful for the controlled release of apps.

  • Minimum Password Score: Select the required password strength for org users. Medable uses the zxcvbn password strength estimator to evaluate password strength.

  • Simultaneous Logins: Enable this to allow a user to have multiple simultaneous sessions. When not checked, only a single session-based login is allowed at a time for a user.

  • Login Verification Bypass: Enter a comma-delimited list of email addresses that can skip two-factor authentication. For more information, see Two-factor authentication.

  • Unauthorized Attempts Account Lock: Enter the number of failed authentication attempts allowed for a user before the account is locked. Enter 0 to disable locking.

  • Account Lock Duration: Enter the number of minutes an account will be locked out after failing authentication. Enter 0 to lock indefinitely.


Under the Appearance tab, you can upload a custom logo and a favicon to your Medable org's control pane.

Maintenance Mode

Under the Maintenance Mode tab, you can administratively place your org into maintenance mode. This can be useful when you need to temporarily prevent users from logging in to your apps while you are making updates.

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