Cortex API 2.19.1

January 6, 2023

New Features

Internationalization improvements

I18n (Internationalization) localization bundles now are supported in Cortex which contain translations that can be referenced in templates as well as by object definitions and instances. This provides the following benefits:

  • Decouples localization information from Cortex object definitions

  • Alleviates many of the mdctl migration performance and timeout issues related to objects supporting many locals

  • Enables the creation of generalized templates supporting all or multiple locals

  • Localization strings can be updated independently from updating the entire org

Organization support for SSO

This initiative introduces the capability of signing into Medable orgs using 3rd party identity providers such as Exostar, Azure, and Okta. This enables site monitors and other roles to log in to Medable orgs using accounts existing with 3rd party IDPs they may be using which removes the need to provision and manage an additional account only for accessing Medable orgs.

Resolved items

  • Operator$literal manipulation possible using Operator$let

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