Cortex API 2.17.1

April 11, 2022

New Features

Mongoose Update

The Mongoose library is updated from version 4 to version 5 to address a number of MongoDB-related operational issues.

Updates to mdctl environment import process

The following changes are made to the environment import process:

  • Backups and triggers are false by default during import.

  • Policies are disabled on environment imports and package install.

  • You can add memos before, during, and after an import or export.

Expression operator improvements

We made some improvements to the following operators:

  • Added init command to $moment

  • Enabled $let to pass local values to $dbNext

  • Added a third parameter to $pathTo to allow path setting and deep object creation

Temporary configuration reader

You can read non-Cortex and non-generic-Axon configurations based on the needs of the Looking Glass web portal.

Ability to retroute core objects

You now can reroute core system objects. Previously, you could only reroute custom objects.

Support for serialize and deserialize during HTTP requests

Support is provided to parse, stringify, and output json, ejson, bson, and mjson.

Resolved items

  • Localisation of document Array strings breaks after update

  • FTP module doesn't work with secure hosts using SNI and is missing tls options.

  • SSO Stops working when Enable Username = True in Cortex

  • Where clause on property type List as reference isn't working as expected while retrieving the instances of the object.

  • Event start not as expected when setting a schedule

  • Operator$cached incorrectly uses Operator as parent expression

  • Expressions don't cache after compilation

  • Expressions have no way to create literals for $dbNext without a workaround

  • Passwordless login does not work for email without username

  • Remove soft/hard limit checks from event insert

  • Provision token cannot be created

  • Operator$pathTo should set as well as get

  • Inline triggers: Configuration "paths" is not being used to load paths for delete triggers

  • Fix handling of Tencent push notification payload and message type

  • Memory caches cannot reliably size objects. disable counting when maxSize is 0

  • Localized property data does not reap when no native non-localized data exists

  • Deleting property leaves counters for number props

  • Deployments crash api server when object definition is deployed.

  • Cursor operations are being closed but not removed correctly

  • Max Account Users Still Capped After Deleting Users

  • bson security issue / npm audit fixes required.

  • Policies should be disabled on env import is in progress

  • Replica Set stepDown() does not recover transparently

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