Cortex 2.17.5 Release Notes
Released on May 11, 2022

Fixed issues

The following issues are resolved in this release:
  • You now can successfully import eConsent Templates into orgs in the China Regional Cloud environment.
  • The optional Geometry property, which is used for capturing geo location data (lat, long), now is empty when it is not set. Previously, the property returned a null value.
  • An error no longer occurs for the $group stage in expressions.

Known issues

The following issues affect this release but are scheduled to be resolved in a future release:
  • Automated tests intermittently receive a Remote end closed connection without response message when making API calls.
  • An error is returned when a policy applies rate-limiting.
  • The sm__reporting_patch script adds a policy to orgs that overwrites the configuration property.
  • The incorrect X-Rate-Limit-Remaining header value is returned.
  • The Advanced Reports menu is not displayed for non-Admin users.
  • The module loader fails to import a module correctly based on the order of import.
  • Transcoder workers are running hundreds of instances due to a dysfunctional WorkerLock mechanism.
  • Some jobs stay in the Worker queue for days, which may cause a blockage.
  • Native JS Buffer behavior is incorrect in the sandbox.
  • Reference values are not available to expression-based default values.
  • Instance reaping for instances can be very slow.
  • MemoryCache promises can drastically increase when checking cache size and do not respect the maximum size.
  • Async operations are not queuing, which causes out of memory (OOM) conditions when many operations run concurrently.
  • Serialize async bulk operations should be queued instead of running immediately.
  • Standard Cortex properties do not support localized property labels.
  • Some object document property locales do not export the name value.
  • The new native Short Message Service (SMS) template fails on import to older orgs.
  • Template import errors caused by a specific locale do not indicate which locale caused the error.
  • The $size operator does not produce candidate properties for account results with exactly one role.
  • The runtime @acl decorator should consider anonymous, public, and service accounts.
  • While completing a task on one device and logging in to a second device, the user is not logged out of the first device.
  • A televisit room does not record the session when a user joins ten minutes after creation.
  • Several templates are missing when an account is created on a mobile device.
  • The environment remains in Maintenance mode after a failed import.
  • as(script.principal) fails for a custom role or service account.
  • An infrastructure developer bucket permissions error occurs.
  • Importing fails to defer object definitions with a reference and paths.
  • The Enrollment section displays a 404 error message.
  • An error is returned when updating List with pathPrefix.
  • The geo multipoint kMinItems validation rule prevents record creation.
  • Axon Org Import (mdctl env import) fails intermittently with no error notification displayed.
  • Event arrays do not check the initial values on an org update event.
  • Invalid Android Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) device tokens or locations are not removed for unregistered Android devices.
  • Cortex terminates with an uncaughtException error.
  • The query parser delivers unexpected results for combined $and and $or operations.
  • c_resources breaks, possibly due to an org config update.
  • FCM not registered errors occur for Android devices.
  • Searching using c_study.c_key does not return results in the TEST environment for a hybrid study.
  • A MaxListenersExceededWarning error is displayed in cloud console logs.
  • The HTML5 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) policy is set incorrectly.
  • List property paging does not function correctly.
  • To read protected properties, users must specify all the property types they can access.
  • The system cannot write JSON values to a read-optional Any property.
  • The following error is displayed: digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt.
  • The latest audit.message is not available in the script trigger.
  • A script may receive a different payload depending on the patch request.
  • Auditing tries to record the objectName instead of the user category.
  • Trigger arguments are inconsistent with patch operations.
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